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ICRAN MAR - Mesoamerican Reef Alliance
Confronting the decline of coral reef ecosystems and improving the economic and environmental sustainability of the Mesoamerican Reef system. An innovative project that engages the private sector in three component areas; Watershed management, sustainable fisheries and sustainable tourism.

Marine Tourism Alliance Project - Ruben Torres

Dominican Republic Marine Tourism Alliance
Collaborative effort to enhance tourism competitiveness and increase tourism revenue as a sustainable financing mechanism for coral reef conservation in the Dominican Republic.

Coastal and Marine Management in Caribbean - BRT Tobago 2003

Buccoo Reef Trust, Trinidad and Tobago
Action to strengthen coral reef management, monitoring, outreach and education programmes in the region, engage stakeholders and encourage support for the creation of new MPAs and long-term management needs of the Buccoo Reef Marine Park.

Primeiras Protected Area Project - Phillip Goeltenboth WWF 2006

Primeiras and Segundas MPA
Creation of a functioning protected area in the Primeiras & Segundas Archipelago area to protect unique habitats, improve living standards of communities dependent on marine resources for livelihoods, and to promote a focus for tourism development.

Coral Reef Management Project - Carl J Wantenaar Vietnam

Sustainable Coral Reef Management in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam
Responding to the threats facing local reefs, reviewing existing legislation for the protection and management of natural marine resources, building awareness and facilitating community based conservation.

CRISP Project - Nicola Barnard

Coral Reef Initiative for the South Pacific (CRISP)
Regional effort to develop a vision and conservation activities to ensure the future of coral reef ecosystems and dependant communities in the South Pacific, while facilitating the economic and environmental services that they provide locally and globally.

South Asia MCPA Project - Phil Townsley

South Asia MCPA Project
Regional effort contributing to the reduction in the rates of marine and coastal biodiversity loss, and the protection of resources upon which the economic and social development of future generations is based.

Mooring Buoy Installation Project - Nicolas J Pilcher 2005 Eritrea

Mooring Buoy Installation in Sanganeb Marine National Park, Sudan
Supporting the installation of mooring buoys in Sanganeb Marine National Park in Sudan, and the wider region, to prevent further disturbances to critical coral reef habitat from anchor damage and physical contact from divers.


International Coral Reef Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
Addressing the need for trained personnel to effectively assess and respond to the wide variety of anthropogenic impacts occurring along coastlines, and enhancing resource protection and management capabilities.

Cousin Island- GLISPA

Global Islands Partnership (GLISPA)
Assisting island nations to protect and sustainably manage their marine and coastal resources. The global partnership will build political, technical and financial support, rapidly share skills, information and resources, and accelerate on the ground action.

Vietnam - CRSGF

Coral Reef Small Grants Facility (CRSGF)
Working to develop a Coral Reef Specific Small Grants Facility, combining the proven delivery mechanism of the UNDP SGP and the technical expertise and experiences within the ICRAN partnership.


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