Coral Reef Small Grants Facility

Making a difference and affecting change in coral reef regions to alter the current downward trends in the health of coral reefs takes surprisingly few resources. Small-scale projects often demonstrate greater returns on smaller amounts of funding through more positive and rapid impacts on the reef and people than larger, more complex projects. Given that a high proportion of the 2.7 billion people surviving on less than $2 a day, are living on, or in close proximity to the world’s coastlines, there is a prevalent need to be make more effective use of the resources available.

Vietnam - CRSGF
In response, ICRAN with the UN Foundation is working alongside the GEF Small Grants Programme and UNDP to develop a coral reef specific small grants facility, combining the proven delivery mechanism of the GEF SGP and the technical expertise and experience within the ICRAN partnership.

This partnership aims to close the distance between ideas and action in the funding of small-scale projects in support of globally significant coral reef areas, and will link management and conservation needs with the interests of local communities, implementing site-based activities. At a global level the coral reef small grants facility will also help to achieve two of the targets set out in the Millennium Development Goals to: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; Ensure environmental sustainability.

This innovative approach will improve the accessibility of small, low cost funding opportunities to individuals, local organisations/NGOs/CBOs and communities, and will make significant steps to empower local communities and organisations to have greater stewardship and management over their coral reef resources, creating much needed opportunities for community leadership.

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