Coral Reef Crime Scene Investigation Dominican Republic

Under funding from the US Department of State a regional workshop was conducted with coordination support from Reef Check Dominican Republic. The workshop gathered 18 participants from 6 countries in the region. 18 representatives from government agencies, scientific institutions, enforcement institutions, NGOs and natural resource trustees made up the group. The Dominican Republic (DR), which … Read more

Coral Reef Fund

Coral Reefs are vital ecosystems. They shelter a vast amount of marine biodiversity and sustain millions of people through the services they provide: fishing, tourism and protection from erosion and storm surges. Unfortunately reefs worldwide are under tremendous pressure and are struggling to survive. Climate change, destructive fishing practices, river run-off, marine pollution and poorly … Read more

Awareness Raising in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Borneo

The coral islands of the Semporna district represent one of the most biologically diverse coral reef ecosystems in the world, and being part of the ‘coral triangle’ they are considered a priority area for conservation activities. Although highly diverse and extraordinarily valuable, the coral reefs are also severely threatened. A heavy reliance on marine resources … Read more

ICRAN Participates at CBD COP9

In partnership with UNDP’s Equator Initiative, ICRAN hosted a workshop on ‘Community Responses to the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Tropical Marine Ecosystems’ at COP9 in Bonn, Germany. Held in the Equator Initiative’s Community Dialogue Space, known as the Dorf, the session sought to provide local stakeholders with the opportunity to exchange their specialised knowledge … Read more

Coral Reef Initiative for the South Pacific (CRISP)

Coral reefs are critical to the economic development of Pacific Island Countries, in particular through tourism and fisheries. However an estimated 40 % of the Pacific coral reefs are endangered. A regional initiative for the protection and management of coral reefs in the South Pacific, CRISP, prepared by the French Development Agency (AFD), aims to … Read more

More About Program Green Fins

The East Asian Seas harbour more than a third of the world’s coral reefs and contain the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world. Many of the estimated 1.3 billion people living within a hundred kilometres of the coast are dependant directly and indirectly on reef resources for their day-to-day survival. Coral reefs in the … Read more

21 Fast Coral Reef Facts

Coral reefs are among the oldest ecosystems on Earth. Coral reefs are the largest living structure on the planet, and the only living structure to be visible from space. The Great Barrier Reef (off the coast of NE Australia) is the largest coral reef in the world. It is over 1,257 miles (2000 km) long. … Read more

The International Coral Reef Action Network

The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) is an innovative and dynamic network of many of the world’s leading coral reef science and conservation organisations. The network consolidates technical and scientific expertise in reef monitoring and management to create strategically linked actions across local, national and global scales. ICRAN is thus the first alliance to … Read more

Threats to Coral Reefs

A range of impacts from both, natural and man-made sources threaten coral reefs around the world. Read on to learn about the different threats and how you can help to protect coral reefs. Over-fishing Increasing demand for food fish and tourism curios has resulted in over fishing of not only deep-water commercial fish, but key … Read more