Raising awareness of coral reefs and related ecosystems is crucial to their survival. Through awareness and outreach activities ICRAN seeks to inform coral reef stakeholders, alongside the general public, of the broad environmental issues linked to coral reefs, and the interactions of people and reefs. ICRAN facilitates access to, and the exchange of information for enhanced knowledge, and works to develop and implement training and tools suited to the specific learning needs of each stakeholder group.

In this manner it is hoped to foster responsible behaviour towards coral reefs, create demand for change, and the development of responsive policy and practical coral reef conservation solutions.

ICRAN seeks to reach a broad audience on international, regional and local levels to

  • Provide the public with general coral reef information using a broad range of media, such as the Internet, videos, press releases and community level initiatives;
  • Act as a public awareness resource and network to support local and regional coral reef organisations and groups;
  • Utilise reports, maps and data from the ICRAN partnership to support strong arguments for coral reef conservation targeted towards policy makers and businesses.


Links to Coral Reef Education Sites

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