Cleopatra Slots – Recognizing the symbols


As you play the game, it’s important to note the symbols that feature in it. The classic uses various classic characters that most players would instantly recognize as Egyptian, but it would otherwise know very little about it. Here are some signs to note:

  • The Lotus and the Scarab are the two remaining, and it’s the highest paying unique icons in the game. The lotus flower appears on a purple-like background and is shown as a group of three primes. The game’s scarab is displayed on a green background. The icons predictably look like a tiny beetle.
  • The Cartouche is another symbol that’s worth talking about in this section. The second most valuable Cleopatra symbol in the game. A cartouche symbol is an oval-shaped space that is used by Egyptians as a canvas for their hieroglyphs. The game’s reel symbol represents all of that.
  • The Crook and Flail: This is the symbol with a yellow background. It is the symbols with two tools, which both look like exaggerated sticks, crossing each other.
  • The Eye of Ra is the least symbol on the list (speaking of the symbol’s character).

Cleopatra II does away with these symbols and opts into a slightly more equal set. Instead of picking a random group of precious Egyptian icons. Cleopatra II’s unique reel symbols are each the heads of classic Egyptian depictions of their goods.

  • Horus: The bird, perhaps known as a flacon.
  • Anubis: The Anubis looks like a jackal.
  • Bastet: The symbol that’s similar to a cat.

In addition to all of these, the game has a Cleopatra slots symbol. The symbol not only depicts the top of the paytable, though it also serves as a wild for the other characters. As the game’s wild, it can support the winning combinations of which it’s a part with a 2x multiplier.

Wilds, Bonus, and Free Spins

A wild symbol (also known as the Cleopatra logo) will help players fill out the winline for any symbol asides the game scatters. There is also a nice rile that allows the player to hit a payout with wild symbols. Should players hit multiple scatter symbols, they will pay two or more of a player’s total bet (also different from the bet per line). However, if the players hit three or more scatter symbols, the classic slot’s reel payout will hit the 15th free spins.

As the bonus rounds continue, all the payouts are automatically tripled (except for the payout for five wilds). Free spins can be reactivated to about 180 free spins, though on the other hand, you ca

So, having Cleopatra icons appear across the slot reels is the simplest way to win a whole lot of cash. The slot’s Sphinx symbol is the key to winning lots of money in the Cleopatra slot machines. It shows as a lions body with the head of a human, which has at least three symbols that appear anywhere across the five reels will initiate the bonus game.