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Coral Reef CSI Toolkit
A product of the effective collaboration between experts from across the globe is the modular Coral Reef CSI Toolkit containing 290 pages of detailed information on recommended practices for marine natural resource impact event investigations. The Toolkit incorporates internationally accepted protocols and standards, and includes visual materials, data sheet templates, and checklists to facilitate robust investigations. The material within the Toolkit is designed as a guide for practitioners and is intended for use only in conjunction with the professional coral reef CSI field-training course. The Toolkit is not available for download.

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Investigating Damage to Coral Reefs Post Investigative Tools Appendices Coral Reef CSI Toolkit

Key Sections of the Toolkit include:

  • Investigating Damage to Coral Reefs
  • Basic Marine Investigative Tools
  • Post Investigation Tools
  • Appendices

A section of the Toolkit is reserved for regional/local issues pertinent to coral reef enforcement and investigation. Key information can be incorporated, as a new module, into the toolkit prior to each training workshop to document critical regional considerations. A further module collating comprehensive information on Advanced Marine Investigative Tools is planned.

The Coral Reef CSI Toolkit has been produced in both English and Spanish.