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CSI Toolkit Front Cover

ICRI Coral Reef CSI Information Brochure
UNEP kindly supported the production of a 20-page summary booklet on the ICRI coral reef CSI programme that can be used to inform potential partners, funders and international agencies about the programme. Download this informational brochure or contact ICRAN for a hard copy.

CSI Toolkit Front Cover

Coral Reef CSI Toolkit
Representatives from across the globe with extensive experience in coral reef resource management, natural resource impact investigation, and marine resource enforcement have worked together to produce and collate critical information and tools into a comprehensive CSI Toolkit to guide practioners.

CSI Newsletter Front Cover

Coral Reef CSI Newsletter

The Coral Reef CSI Newsletter is specifically designed to keep participants who have gone through the training updated on what’s new, upcoming events and opportunities, and innovative ideas in the field.

CSI Flipbook Front Cover

Coral Reef CSI Flipbook

The in-water Coral Reef CSI Flipbook, an excellent and versatile tool that aids field investigation, has been produced. It complements the CSI toolkit yet is designed for use underwater, and contains easy reference checklists and guides for all of the primary investigative phases to assist participants in the field.


Coral Reef Enforcement and Investigation at ITMEMS3
ITMEMS3 provided an opportunity to exchange lessons learned, good practices, and effective local solutions on the subject of coral reef investigation and enforcement.