Coral Reef Crime Scene InvestigationSouth East Asia

CSI Coral Reef Crime Scene Investigation 

South East Asia


The South East Asia CSI training workshop was held on September 1st – 6th 2008, on Tioman Island, Malaysia. Of the 19 participants, 10 were from academia, 5 from natural resource management agencies and 4 from NGOs, representing the countries of Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Although many participants were from Malaysia, the composition generally reflected the reef resources in each of the three countries. Of the three countries, Malaysia has the largest reef area located in 2 main regions, Peninsula and East Malaysia, which are managed by different resource management agencies.

We are already seeing significant commitment from participating countries in improving investigation, mitigation and prosecution success for injury events. Malaysia is organising a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team for Sabah (Borneo). In Thailand, the 5 participants met with and presented their experience to an audience comprising staff from various government agencies. It is hoped that this 1st step will result in more tangible initiatives in Thailand, and the Singapore participants are planning to work with the Singapore government to lay the groundwork for a team. Karenne Tun, the SE Asia Workshop Coordinator, has been invited to give a presentation on Coral Reef CSI to a wider audience at NParks. It is hoped that with more interest, there will be scope to initiate a working group to look at issues related to investigation and enforcement in Singapore.

An observer from Indonesia also took part in order to explore issues related to translating key components of the training for use in Indonesia.

Underwater Survey Rapid Ecological Assessment

Underwater Survey

Rapid Ecological Assessment

Pre-assessing the illegal fish trap scenario Illegal Fish Trap

Pre-assessing the illegal fish trap scenario

Illegal Fish Trap

Assessing the Scene Impact Assessment

Assessing the Scene

Impact Assessment

Classroom Assessment

Classroom Assessment