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A pilot workshop, the first of its type, was conducted in Cozumel, Mexico in October 2006, with support from the National Commission for Natural Protected Areas (CONANP). The workshop brought together 32 participants and instructors from 28 organisations across the globe.

The pilot workshop was a learning experience for both the participants and the instructors involved, facilitating the exchange of lessons and experiences, and the development of critical skills for application in the field, alongside the fine tuning of the workshop structure, training aids and impact scenario design.

The training materials underwent a process of critical review incorporating comments and lessons from the pilot workshop. It is this tried and tested version of the CSI toolkit that is used as the training manual in workshops today, currently available in English and Spanish.

One participant provided the following summary of his experiences of the workshop.My Experience of the Coral Reef CSI Pilot Workshop – Jeremy Linneman

Following the success of the pilot workshop the Coral Reef CSI Project team has been working with the relevant governments and stakeholders to develop the CSI programme. Lessons learnt during implementation are incorporated into the next group training, creating an effectively trained network of coral reef enforcement teams across the globe.

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