Coral Reef Crime Scene Investigation South Asia

CSI Coral Reef Crime Scene Investigation
South Asia

Under funding from the European Union, ICRAN and UNEP worked alongside the Marine Research Centre (MRC), Maldives, to support the enhancement of enforcement capabilities through the provision of equipment and training.

Following a site visit to evaluate site conditions, hazards and capabilities and to set-up field training scenarios, the workshop was held at the Sun Island Resort on Ari Atoll, Maldives. The excellent venue included a Marine Studies Centre, providing classrooms and diving facilities perfect for workshop needs. MRC, a Male based government research institute, coordinated the local logistics and acted in the capacity of advisors on regionally focused threats and enforcement issues.

The workshop was held during the first week of December, 2008, involving fifteen participants from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and the Maldives. Representation composed of government agencies, Enforcement agencies, NGOs, Natural Resource Trustees and academic institutions. An observer from the host venue was invited to take part in the workshop in his capacity of Environmental Manager for the resort. This provided excellent insight into the local area and his active participation, group interaction and local knowledge and facilitation with logistics was a valuable contribution to the workshop.

Following on from the workshop an evaluation was conducted to both assess the delivery of the workshop to help improve training in the future, and also to evaluate additional needs, potential follow on actions and county commitments to implement their training in their work. Analysis of the results will shortly be made available.

A commitment was made after completion of the workshop by participants from the Maldives with regards to setting up a national team. It is difficult to encourage the formation of a regional response team within South Asia as funds are quite limited, therefore making frequent travel difficult. In this instance national teams are encouraged. MRC were provided with a fully functioning field kit to facilitate the formation of such a team. India also pledged commitment in forming a team, but requires funds for a field kit. Bangladesh have committed to forming an awareness raising team to sensitise government agencies to this relatively new area of enforcement and establish foundations for future work.

Workshop Photo Catalogue

Hussein Zahir – 2008

Classroom session

Dry run

Dry run 2

Dry run 3

ICRI CSI Workshop

Impact Assessment

Practical Session

Rapid Ecological Assessment

Team Photo