Helpful tips for compulsive gamblers

The definition of problem gambling differs. Many medical professionals have different meanings for gambling addiction. One such description refers to it as an activity whereby an individual loses control of his gambling impulses, therefore leading to adverse severe social or personal consequences. Treating problem gambling is extremely hard, but once successfully treated, the ongoing task is to stay that way. Former problem gamblers find it extremely hard to socialize with the outside world.

However, to get the needed result, abstinence is the most appropriate tool to use at this point, to enjoy your road to recovery (which is quite hard anyway).

According to a stat, 2.6 percent of the population in the United States have compulsive gambling issues. Let’s talk about some helpful tips for compulsive gamblers.

1. Enjoy each day as it comes

What does it mean to enjoy each day as it comes? This is when you forget about whatever happened in the past – people struggling with this condition usually have a troubled memory of their gambling days. Trying to get back at casinos and bookmakers won’t help you. Take a step at a time, live your life one day at a time – this also means not worrying about tomorrow and what it holds for your life. Pay attention to what you can do today, which will help you on your road to recovery. 

2. Understand and accept the problem

It’s impossible to fix something you don’t understand. To eliminate this addiction, you must first understand the issue and accept that you have this gambling problem. According to APA (American Psychiatric Association), tagged gambling as a mental health disorder similar to addictions triggered by alcohol and drugs. You might have a gambling disorder if continued to gamble to get back at the casino. The urge to gamble with a more significant amount of money, made repeated and unsuccessful attempt to quit the addiction, need financial support to continue, when you use gambling as a coping mechanism, to name a few. 

3. Get a hobby

Do you have a hobby you recently lost interest in while you were gambling? This tends to happen to gamblers a lot; they lose interest in so many things, including letting go of one’s hobbies. It would be best if you rekindled those old hobbies. Reviving an old hobby will get your mind off your addictions and boost your self-esteem. Just like every other addiction, it is essential that you replace it with a healthy activity. Replacing the harmful habit with a positive one will keep you focused on your new way of life.

  • Still on finding an alternative, here are some of the gambling alternative you can try right now:
  • I was traveling around the world.
  • Go to the gym, team sports, yoga, mountain climbing, or hiking).
  • By volunteering in communities around you.
  • Spend quality time with family, friends, and loved ones.
  • Seek assistance from a support group.

Joining a support group shows you’ve recognized the problem, and you are halfway through solving your problem. With a support group, you will get the assistance you need from individuals who clearly understand you. They are organizations designed to help people with similar pasts and experiences. You can join this group while you seek professional help. Yes! They don’t offer expert advice; you won’t get that by joining a support group.

4. By seeking professional help

If you have a chronic case of compulsive gambling, you should consider seeking professional help, and do that as soon as you can. Professional treatment from an addiction or mental health could be the difference between living in financial stability versus a life filled with lots of economic uncertainty.

With professional help, you will be taught reliable ways to avoid gambling in its entirety. There are lots of professional counselors out there skilled in the art of treating all sorts of addiction.

5. Change the pattern – do something different

Your brain is accustomed to the current ways of doing things. You need to train your brain to switch from normalcy. It requires a new stimulus now that you’ve stopped providing it with the dopamine – filled gambling activities. Set new goals for yourself and get involved in new and healthy goals every day. When you focus on solving your problem, you will be able to cope with the urge to gamble.

6. Postpone it!!!

With addictions come cravings. Cravings are strong feelings, an urge to go back to the casino, or log into your online casino account. Whenever this craving pops up, you should postpone it. At this point, you want to ignore those things that can be linked to gambling.

These cravings are intense, and while you in the middle of that action, it feels like it would last forever when it obviously won’t. There is always a genesis to all cravings and addiction, but this doesn’t last. You can maintain recovery as long as you can postpone the gambling activity.

7. Remind yourself why you need to stop gambling

You must remind yourself that you will almost lose your hard-earned money in the absence of discipline, regardless of the type of strategy you harm yourself with. Remind yourself that you can’t stop once you start can help you quit.

8. Avoid sabotaging triggers

Identify those self-sabotaging triggers. It would be best if you were prepared for them to emerge before important special occasions such as your child’s conference and weddings anniversaries, among other things.


Nothing is as important as writing down daily gratitude. Recognizing how better your life is while you take a break from gambling will help prevent a relapse if this conforms with your belief, then good for you. Counseling and talking to a therapist will also help you heal fast. Do not hold on to old emotional pain, because this will keep getting in your way. Reach out to us for help if you are battling an addiction.