How did the Book of Ra become popular amongst online gamers?


One can trace back the history of the Book of Ra to Las Vegas where its played as a slot machine for decades. Ago in 2004, Novomatic introduced a book of Ra variant and ever since has been making the headlines. However, it looks like an average game with five reels, and a total of nine paylines, the book of ra has without a doubt proven to be a classic amongst slots fans from around the world.

The reason behind the game’s fame may not be far fetched; its impressive 96% Book of Ra RTP makes it a top fun. With that RTP, the companies behind the game have successfully drawn the attention of gamblers that loves high RTP games. The immersive storyline keeps the players enthralled. Meanwhile, its multipliers and bonuses are quite rewarding enough to keep bringing you back for more.

The exciting part of the game seems to be the reason why it becomes a top choice amongst slots players. It has a compelling backstory, one that will leave you fascinated, and it takes players in a world filled with different myths that blend perfectly with their online gaming experience. The Book of Ra slots is the top choice for online gamers thanks to the betting range it offers – a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 1000. Players don’t need a huge amount to start playing the game and winning while at it. Even if the player is not in the category of players with huge bankrolls, the game doesn’t discriminate. RTP is one of the factors responsible for its popularity.

Compared to the modern slots, the games appealing graphics has a modern feel to it. So, in case you are interested in playing a slots game that offers players excitement and entertainment while playing for cash, the Book of Ra is your go-to slots game –

The bonus features of the games

Playing book of ra offers betting limits that range from 1 to 900 points for each spin. If a player is low on cash, but you still want to enjoy low-limits games, the book of ra is a perfect game for that.

The Swap Rule

First on our list of the features that make the game thick is the swap rule. The swap rule feature lets players exchange. That’s a representation of the book enabling players to exchange their symbols with aby another one to form a winning combo ultimately. With this combo, the players have a bigger chance of winning the game.

Risky bonus

What’s a risky bonus? It’s only for the brave souls. With the gamble feature, a player risks losing the entire winnings. Players can also gamble the winnings, though it’s a 50/50 chance. You have to be wise.

Scatter bonus

The book symbol is also representing the scatter bonus. With three unique prizes displayed clearly on the screen, you get a scatter bonus plus extra spin. With the bonus spins, players can win bonus points.