GEF Lessons Learned Project

While there have been many important achievements and positive outcomes from previous coral reef related projects, a review of the common factors contributing to their successes, failures and lost opportunities has never been carried out. Furthermore, key results or outcomes have not always been adequately disseminated beyond their local or regional settings, despite their global relevance.

Through support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the WorldFish Center are leading a project to examine a portfolio of coral reef related projects, to sort and identify key lessons, traits, successes and failures that can be used to both strengthen and guide donor support to future coral reef projects, and assist in the better design and implementation of projects.

WWF - Primeiras and Segundas NMP

Through a collaborative effort involving ICRAN, the Tropical Marine Learning Partnership and other key partners, the findings from the analysis will be disseminated, and where possible, tested, based on the good practices and lessons identified. Partners will work together to translate the best practices identified into advice, tools, resources and training materials.

It is hoped that this project will accelerate the identification, development and adoption of good practices in reef management, avoid the repetition of previous mistakes, and identify solutions to management problems which arise in specific locations and in relation to combinations of issues. The goal of the project is to assist developing countries to promote and enhance the conservation and sustainable use of coral reefs and their related ecosystems.

Some of the outputs to date are listed below:

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