Lessons Learned

Communication and the coordination of knowledge and information, facilitating access to up-to-date information and data, and the exchange of tried and tested methodologies and successes between projects and organisations are critical elements in effective management.

Ruben Torres DR -Ready for the water Doulos Discovery School from Jarabacoa

Through the network, ICRAN works to disseminate general coral reef information, as well as tools and resources, based on data and reports from monitoring and assessment projects carried out under ICRAN, to the wider coral reef community, scientists, and policy makers at the local, regional and international level. In this manner, key outputs, lessons learned and best practices can be shared, assisting in the replication of effective initiatives, and the better design and implementation of projects.

Borneo - ©Nic Barnard 2006

GEF Lessons Learned Project
The World Fish Centre are leading a project to examine a portfolio of coral reef related projects, and will draw out key lessons, traits, successes and failures that can be used to both strengthen and guide donor support to future coral reef projects, and assist in the better design and implementation of projects.