The South Asia Coral Reef Task Force

To improve marine and coastal resource management effectiveness in the South Asia region, stronger linkages are needed across sectors (between policy developers, scientists, managers, and communities) to improve information exchanges and encourage a greater representation of stakeholders in management decision-making processes.

Effective coordination can lead to the best use of the available expertise and resources and can also assist countries to work together to learn and benefit from each other’s management regimes.


The South Asia Coral Reef Task Force (SACRTF) has been established under the South Asia MCPA project, through funding from the European Union, to facilitate coordination in the management of coral reefs and associated ecosystems at a national level, and to promote collaborative action at the regional level, encouraging trans-boundary responses to shared environmental challenges.

Governments and key regional experts from 5 countries worked together over the preceding months to finalise the role, purpose and structure of the SACRTF. An official ceremony was held on the 27th July 2007, lead by the Hon. Minister for Energy, Environment and Water, from the Republic of the Maldives, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah, to formally announce and launch the SACRTF.

The establishment of the SACRTF has received widespread coverage, and has been heralded as a milestone achievement for the South Asia region.

Through extensive consultation with key regional stakeholders, the role, mandate and structure of the SACRTF was developed, and the resulting constitution document endorsed by the participants of the second regional resource coordination workshop held on the 25-27th July 2007, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. SACRTF representatives have been selected in accordance with the constitution document and regional nominations.

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