Training of Trainers in Marine Protected Area Management

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Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are considered to be a useful tool in the protection and conservation of coral reef resources. To be effective, a protected area must be well maintained and managed. Given the great emphasis placed on protected area management in the Caribbean, a specialised training programme was developed to build management skills in trainers and protected area personnel.

The Training of Trainers Programme in marine protected area management is implemented by the UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme (UNEP-CEP) and its Regional Coordinating Unit in Jamaica, in collaboration with the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN), and key local organisations.

The course is designed to introduce participants to key teaching methods and to build the skills necessary to allow participants to conduct subsequent training programmes in marine protected areas in their own countries. An 8 module manual has been produced through UNEP to support training in the following areas of MPA management:

  • Nature of the Coastal and Marine Environments
  • Uses and Threats to the Marine Environment
  • Marine Protected Areas Overview
  • Participatory Planning
  • Marine Protected Area Planning
  • Marine Protected Area Management
  • Research and Monitoring
  • Communication

Courses are conducted in both English and Spanish and have been very successful throughout the Caribbean. The 6th MPA Training of Trainers Course has just been completed in Tulum, Mexico for Spanish speaking MPA managers.

To find out more information or to download the manual, click here for the manual in English, or Spanish.