Rainbow Riches



Quite different from the games we listed earlier, the Rainbow Riches slots is a classic online series. It reps the right place for spaces freaks to start as they begin their Rainbow Riches journey and an excellent opportunity for you to win a bundle of cash.

In Rainbow riches casino multiplier, you could land different multipliers to help boost your winnings. Right on rainbow riches, the offers don’t stop there, just as you have in Wishing Well, you could earn over 400 times your entire stake when you obtain the minimum of three Wishing Well symbols while also choosing the right one! Slots players will receive more than hundred times the sum of their bet in the last feature Pots of Gold, by merely unlocking the three features, namely: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Pots after they hit three Pots of Gold symbols.

Rainbow Riches – The Drops of Gold

First on our game’s menu: There are, however, two kinds of Wild symbols in the slots – Both Gold and Silver pots. While the Silver Pots can substitute the entire characters excluding any Bonus symbols, Gold Pot Wilds can replace the whole symbols most especially the Bonus symbols.

Players can trigger the Free Spins bonus if a minimum of three scattered Bonus symbols are viewable when a spin stops, and the Drops of Gold, on the other hand, will trigger the Drops of Gold bonus in both standard and Free Spin games, and also in Bet Games.

Within the Drops of Gold bonus, a rainbow of Gold and Silver pot symbols connect to a drop zone which in this case is five reels wide and four characters high as well. If the fifth reel contains Drops of Gold symbol after a spin ends, or the double-height Drops of Gold symbol, the entire pots in the drop zone will fall to their corresponding position on the lower side of the reels.

The huge Bet Game consists of five different linked spins of the reels, where all the players’ wins are summed up, and winnings are paid automatically. You can play with three different alternate stake sizes of 20.00, 30.00 as well as 50.00, with lots of functional features, the stakes become higher. For instance, in the 50.00 Big Bet Game, players can start with a 100 win line, which increases drastically to 200 in Free Spins when a Drops of Gold symbol displays on reel 5.

Reasons why sites rate Rainbow Riches – Excellent

  1. The clean design and the fun theme
  2. The bonus rounds are exhilarating
  3. The jackpot is lucrative
  4. It has both Wilds and Scatters.
  5. Fascinating mobile experience.

Pros and Cons of Rainbow Riches Game

The Pros

  • £250 000 jackpot
  • Exciting theme
  • Fun bonus rounds
  • The game runs well on all smartphones.

The Cons

  • There’s a need for a healthy bankroll.
  • No free spins
  • The theme is not designed for every player.

That’s all you need to know about the Rainbow Riches game…for now. In a different piece, we’ll discuss more it. For now, leave a thought in the comment section below.