Top 4 facts about Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot


Ever since Microgaming designed the game in 2006, it has swiftly become famous and a favourite amongst slot players all over the world. Players talk about it, both online and offline. The Mega Moolah slot has paid out huge wins ever recorded, and of course, the winning frequency is currently on the rise. With such a profound name, it is customary to want some insights into the game. And to also seek some exciting facts about the game. If you are one of such, here is the right piece for you. So, here are some interesting facts about the mega moolah that you probably didn’t know.

1. Who designed the game & when was it released?

As we’ve rightly discussed in many of our mega moolah articles, the game was designed by Microgaming-a company that’s touted to be the king of online casino gaming. Mega Moolah was released in 2006 (14 years ago), which is relatively late when you consider the fact that the online gaming industry experienced a dramatic boom a few years earlier. What makes the mega moolah game interesting and most sorted after is due to the “bet small, win big” experience players get when they play it.

2. What makes the slot so thick?

What’s so interesting about the mega moolah game? Asides the fact that it is fun, the game seem innocent and exposes players to live changing experience thanks to the mega jackpot. When players see the African Safari Animals on the device’s screen, it isn’t easy to imagine that it could yield millions of dollars in wins. Technically speaking, the slot is equipped with an accessible overview, and the spins begin from as low as 25 cents. Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is placed in a classic setting of 5 different reels as well as 25 unique paylines.

3. How does the game’s payout work – the currencies in the game?

One of the most talked-about feature when it comes to playing mega moolah is the art-how it works with the different currencies tendered by the other citizens. If a player plays with pounds, what will he or she win? Is it relatively straightforward? The base currency of the mega moolah game is in pounds (£). Also, the slot games start at £1 million, which grows as time goes by. If you are a bit, you’ll be paid the exact amount you’ve won-which should appear on the screen.

4. What it means when a slot is about to “payout?”

Many players don’t understand the game, and when you’ve played online slots ( for quite a few times, you will see a message popping up on a screen (your device’s screen). It signifies something along an exciting line of “about to payout”, and it could make players feel either better or suspicious. As far as mega moolah is concerned, there could be an atom of truth in it. It works as follows – according to experts, the progressive jackpot is a type of slot game that has t be paid out at a particular time.