VIGORA 100 mg, 50 mg Reviews and Price Comparison

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Owing to the increasing number of patients with erectile dysfunction, German Remedies Private Ltd, VIGORA manufacturers have taken good measures to help put a smile on their faces. Sex being an integral part of matrimony could also be the reason for a failed one. Weak erections, premature ejaculation, non- relaxation of the muscles afterwards etc, can all lead to decreased sexual satisfaction. And it is not enough to have a treatment option, but an affordable one. it is an effective oral medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Vigora medicine is produced using SILDENAFIL citrate, which has been proven to help sustain an erection long enough for an enjoyable sexual activity.

What you need to know about the Vigora medicine

The Vigora tablet is primarily composed of the active ingredient known as SILDENAFIL citrate. The Vigora tablets properties are similar to those of the Viagra but having an advantage of affordability by all.

Is there any difference between the Vigora 100 red tablets and the Vigora 50?

The Vigora 100 red tablets and the Vigora 50 are not any different from each other in properties except in strength, 100 mg and the other is 50 mg. The numbering can only come to importance during usage which shall be discussed below.

How this Medicine Works?

The Vigora tablet is helpful to the patients’ system by aiding in achieving an erection through easing and relaxing the penile muscles. When once the muscles are relaxed, there is easier and better blood flow into the penis, helping the penis achieve and sustain an erection. The chemical compounds in Vigora medicine bring about this effect. This cheap Vigora is helpful in prolonging the erection of a person since it blocks the chemical known as PDE5, therefore stopping blood from leaving the penis. Hence, an erection is sustained for a longer time.

Vigora 100mg Dosage Quantity Price Per Pills
vigora-100 100 mg 12 Pills $47.99 $4.00
100 mg 20 Pills $67.99 $3.40
100 mg 32 Pills $96.99 $3.03
100 mg 60 Pills $156.99 $2.62
100 mg 92 Pills $212.99 $2.31
100 mg 120 Pills $256.99 $2.14
100 mg 180 Pills $359.99 $2.00

What is the Vigora 100 mg price?

The 100 mg tablets, although being a cheap alternative to Viagra has varied prices depending upon location and bargaining power. Nevertheless, this tablets’ effectiveness is without a doubt even though a pill can go for less than $2.

Where can one buy Vigora?

These tablets being a generic medication, is available online, in stores and any other authorised medicine stores where Vigora suppliers respond irrespective of your location and quantity. The best place to buy these tablets would be determined by the individual’s options and convenience, definitely to buy Vigora online. But one should only consider a safe place to buy Vigora; recommended Vigora merchants approved by FDA. It is important to ensure that the medicine store where you wish to place Vigora order is known for genuine goods. Undoubtedly, the best place to buy Vigora cheap is online. If not to enjoy the best price and Vigora coupon issued by most companies for discounts, it is most convenient to buy Vigora online.


Vigora, just as any other drug is not without dosage and as earlier mentioned, the 100 mg tablets and the 50 mg are not different in any way and caution about the numbering can only come into play during usage.

A maximum of 100mg a day is the permitted amount for medicine. If you are using the Vigora 50, make sure to do your calculations well to avoid taking overdose which is not without effects. In essence, whether you are using the 100 mg or the 50 mg, 100 mg a day is considered safe.

How can I get the most out of Vigora?

If anyone is thinking of taking the vigora tablets to help with erectile dysfunction, he should do so at about an hour before engaging in any sexual activity. It is possible to achieve an erection with the help of sexual stimulation at about an hour after taking Vigora 100 mg dosage.

Vigora should be ingested orally and a glass of water should be used to take the Vigora tablets. Remember, the permitted dosage of the Vigora medicine is 100 mg a day, nothing more as it comes with adverse effects if abused. Yes, no matter how much you yearn for a quick Supa Dupa erection, the Vigora manufacturers were not kidding when they gave the approved 100 mg dosage. So, stick to the rules!

Nevertheless, in any case of overdose, without much ado, consult with your doctor.

Vigora Side Effects

Just as any other medication, vigora tablets is not without downsides. Just as there are not the much serious ones, there are also some of great concern and will worsen if nothing appropriate is done about it. Some of the vigora side effects to check out for while using Vigora tablets include:

  • Chest pain and breathing problems
  • Stuffy and runny nose
  • Flushing
  • Headaches
  • Indigestion or Diarrhoea
  • Seizures and irregular or fast heartbeat.
  • Changes in vision and hearing
  • Allergic effects like swelling on the face and tongue, having rashes, also itching or hives.

If an erection lasts for more than 4 hours, consult your physician immediately.

What are other users saying?

The most widely accepted reason for the use of Vigora tablets by our ED patients is for impotence. Their responses according to Vigora reviews are positive and quite encouraging. Although this recommendation has been attributed to its affordability in terms of price by all and sundry, it is still worth it. Whatever the reason, I think it is as effective as possible as nobody will like to risk their life at any cheap cost.

Always store the Vigora tablets at room temperature and ensure to keep away from pets and children.

N/B: Please discuss with your physician before using Vigora