Do Otters Have Webbed Feet? – Diving into the Science!

otters webbed feet

Otters are fascinating creatures that are well-adapted to life in and around water. Their streamlined bodies and ability to swim with ease make them well-suited for hunting fish and other aquatic prey. One of the most notable adaptations of otters is their feet. Many people believe that otters have webbed feet, which would make them … Read more

Can Frogs Feel Happy? The Surprising Emotional Life of Frogs

happy frog

Frogs are often seen as solitary, swamps-dwelling creatures with a limited emotional range—but frogs actually possess a hidden depth of emotion. Research has demonstrated that the emotional lives of frogs may be more complex than previously thought, suggesting that they feel emotions like happiness, fear, and contentedness. This guide will explore the evidence, unpacking the … Read more

Coral Reef Crime Scene Investigation Dominican Republic

Under funding from the US Department of State a regional workshop was conducted with coordination support from Reef Check Dominican Republic. The workshop gathered 18 participants from 6 countries in the region. 18 representatives from government agencies, scientific institutions, enforcement institutions, NGOs and natural resource trustees made up the group. The Dominican Republic (DR), which … Read more

Coral Reef Fund

Coral Reefs are vital ecosystems. They shelter a vast amount of marine biodiversity and sustain millions of people through the services they provide: fishing, tourism and protection from erosion and storm surges. Unfortunately reefs worldwide are under tremendous pressure and are struggling to survive. Climate change, destructive fishing practices, river run-off, marine pollution and poorly … Read more

Awareness Raising in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Borneo

The coral islands of the Semporna district represent one of the most biologically diverse coral reef ecosystems in the world, and being part of the ‘coral triangle’ they are considered a priority area for conservation activities. Although highly diverse and extraordinarily valuable, the coral reefs are also severely threatened. A heavy reliance on marine resources … Read more