More About Program Green Fins

The East Asian Seas harbour more than a third of the world’s coral reefs and contain the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world. Many of the estimated 1.3 billion people living within a hundred kilometres of the coast are dependant directly and indirectly on reef resources for their day-to-day survival. Coral reefs in the … Read more

Coral Reefs: Ten Questions – Ten Answers

What are Coral Reefs? Why are People Worried about Coral Reefs? Why are Coral Reefs so Important? Why are Coral Reefs Facing Problems? Can Coral Reef Fisheries be Sustainable? What are the Main Pollution Problems? Is Tourism a New Pressure and a New Problem for Coral Reefs? Is Coral Bleaching a Major Problem? What Can … Read more

Watershed Management

Appropriate land-use practices are critical for the management of watersheds to ensure that the transport of sediment, nutrients and other pollutants to coral reefs is minimised. In the Mesoamerican region, 300,000 hectares of land is allocated to the production of banana, oil palm, sugar cane, citrus, pineapple crops, and mariculture. The residues of chemical products … Read more