What Makes Good Track Spikes?

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What Makes Good Track Spikes?

An athlete’s best performance can beat that millisecond of the competition. The right gear offers stability, comfort, flexibility, and better control to improve the player’s overall performance. Not every athlete does the best on the field. It is not because they are not trained enough, but sometimes, their track spikes are inappropriate for them.

The spikes are quite sharp and pointy metal pieces attached with screws at the shoe bottom. It helps in gripping the field for improved traction. Wearing track spikes is a must for sports that require racing, jumping, or throwing. Explore the variety of track spikes on athleticannex.com and pick the right one as per your needs.

While selecting, you will notice that such shoes are available in specific sizes, styles, spike types, etc. It can be challenging to get your hands on the right gear. Follow this guide to know what makes these track spike footwear good and how you should make your choice.

1.   Lightweight

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Track spikes should feel natural when you wear them. Athletes can easily move with flexibility and stability when the gear is light in weight. While doing activities like racing or jumping, it should not hinder or restrict the movement.

Lightweight shoes can improve your overall performance and let you move with ease. While performing, you may not even realize whether you have put something on your feet.

2.   Event Type

Track spikes vary according to different sports events. There is no concept of a versatile shoe that can be worn everywhere. Educate yourself about other events to know what you need in your footwear.

  • For Sprints: If you are participating in small-distance races, you need speed to beat other players on the field. You require shoes that keep you stuck to the ground and help you move comfortably.

Choose the one with 7 to 11 pins, which provide enhanced power and agility while running. Go with the rigid midsole to increase front propulsion and reduce track contact. If you are racing a distance of over 400m or a mile, consider buying the flexible spike with 6 to 8 pins.

Focus more on comfort so that it lasts longer and maintains speed consistently. For longer distances, more than a mile, wear 4 to 6-pin shoes made with durable material that allows natural foot movement.

  • For Jumping Activities: When an athlete combines racing and jumping together in an event, he needs well-gripped, stable shoes. After the jump, a player must land on the ground safely. Consider buying shoes with full-length midsoles, more pins, and a boot-like structure for additional support.

For the high jump, the pins should be on both sides of the athletic footwear, front and heels. For long jumps, pins should be at the forefront for a safe landing. Activities like pole vaulting require stable footwear with additional support and an aggressive spike plate.

  • For Throwing Activities: If you are participating in throwing events like javelin or shot put, you need footwear that is flexible, stable, with zero traction, and rough. They should be smooth enough for spinning and running movements. Your arms have to do more work, but the perfect shoes can support your performance even better.

3.   Spike Type

spike type

Different varieties of spike pins are attached to the shoes that are ideal for specific events. Note them and choose wisely.

  • Pyramid: This is a common pin with a wide base and a pointed tip. It is generally available in different materials, like stainless steel. The length of the pins may vary, and you can pick according to your event. Pyramids are perfect for all field events as they do not ruin the track much.
  • Needle: The pin appears like a thin needle that digs deeply into the field to provide enhanced traction to athletes. If you want to stick to the field, you should consider this pin for excess friction.
  • Tree: The tree pin’s shape resembles a pyramid, but it has stacked segments. It grips the ground smoothly and allows smooth movements.

4.   Better Cushioning

It is important to check whether the shoe is well-cushioned for additional comfort. If you want to wear your shoes for a long duration and move constantly, your feet should rest comfortably on the sole.

If the sole is uncomfortable, there are chances of injuries, which may take much time to heal. During training or any competition, you must perform your best, and it is possible only when you wear comfortable footwear.

5.   Proper Fit

proper fit track spikes
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Track spikes must snug your feet like socks. They must fit well so that they do not leave unnecessary gaps.

To customize the fitting of shoes on your feet, consider the ones with better closure systems, like lace or hook-loop. When you secure them properly, the gear will not slip, and you can move smoothly. A better fit can boost your performance and let you win the event.

6.   Durable Material

An athlete must be wearing these athletic footwear during training or participating in events. After rigorous use, it can wear out quickly. Durability should never be compromised. Invest in good-quality materials that last longer.

Consider buying shoes with breathable mesh material with rubber soles. The metal spikes can be used for many years. You can remove the pins if not in use to avoid rust and improve their lifespan.

Final Thoughts

You can invest in good track spikes only when you consider the given buying guide wisely. As an athlete, you should focus on your performance and the gear you wear throughout your training and competition. Always prioritize factors like good material, better cushioning, the right fit, and lightweight. Eliminate the limits that are stopping you from becoming a winner.

Wearing the perfect shoes can solve many of your challenges. Explore the variety of track spikes, consider your requirements, and choose wisely. If you are not doing well on the field even after intense training, understand the issues with your gear. A small change can take you closer to your ambition and help you taste victory. Prepare yourself entirely for the next event with the right gear and proper training!

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