What is GHK-Cu good For?

What is GHK-Cu good For?

When looking for supplements, dietary supplements, or cosmetics, it is always important to find natural ingredients that fit well into routines and lifestyles. So, it is important to discover new ingredients such as GHK-Cu, which is actually glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine copper. It is a very powerful peptide that contributes to healthy skin and hair.

You can find it in a variety of supplements and cosmetic products. It is believed that peptides are an important part of personal care, to be healthy first and then to look more beautiful. It is most helpful in maintaining healthy skin and hair and is also believed to aid in wound healing, according to information available at infiniwell.com.

That is why today we are looking at this peptide. We will try our best through this article to bring you the benefits of using GHK-Cu in its proper, human-friendly forms. If we intrigue you, stay with us as we will share some really useful information.

What is GHK-Cu?

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As we already announced in the introduction of this article, it is a peptide with a complex name. But you will be surprised to know that we humans actually create this peptide in our bodies. Peptides are small chains of amino acids that are proteins’ building blocks.

As you might guess, GHK-Cu is a very important peptide for the processes that occur in cells. Among them are tissue healing and wound healing.

But how did you create the hype around this ingredient?

For some time now, GHK-Cu has been a popular abbreviation in hair and skin care cosmetics. According to knowledge, it has anti-aging effects, helps in faster hair growth, and also helps in wound healing.

Wound Healing

This powerful peptide stimulates the regeneration of blood vessels and nerves, improving the creation of natural collagen in our body. Because of this, GHK-Cu can help heal wounds faster. By rebuilding the tissue, blood vessel restoration and all the enzymes needed for an open wound to heal easily are stimulated.

Anti-Age Effects

As we concluded in the previous section, GHK-Cu enhances the natural production of collagen. This means that wounds heal more quickly and that there are a number of cosmetic benefits. With the help of this peptide, your skin will be tighter, more elastic, and with fewer wrinkles. Isn’t that everything you could want from your skincare routine?

Hair growth

In addition to the benefits we have listed, hair growth is perhaps another effect you would like. Imagine if such a simple peptide could help regenerate your hair follicles, making them thicker and longer. Is there anything better than that?

Are There Scientific Facts About This?

Science is still researching as many benefits as GHK-Cu has. What is known so far is already stated in this article. Of course, all peptides carry even greater potential, so it is possible to extend the effect of GHK-Cu as well.

It’s best to use it as a topical treatment with a dermatologist’s recommendation. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin.

However, we will talk more about the ways of use in the next section.

How is GHK-Cu used?

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The easiest and simplest way to use the potential of this peptide is to apply it to the skin or hair. That is why you will most often find it in serums, creams, and lotions.

It is very important to follow the instructions on the product itself or those from your dermatologist. Never use more than the recommended amount of product, as overdoing it can also result in adverse effects.

Generally, a small amount is applied to the targeted skin or hair problem. It is enough to treat once or twice a day so that you can feel the benefits. On the other hand, it is important not to overdo it because it can be aggressive to the skin.

Important guidelines: Always use preparations recommended by a doctor or dermatologist. It is a powerful peptide that must be dosed correctly to maximize its benefits. Test on a small area of ​​skin to assess the risk of irritation.

Of course, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid contact with eyes, as irritation may occur
  • Consult a dermatologist before using GHK-Cu preparations
  • Do not use untested products
  • Be careful if you have a pre-existing skin condition

Under certain conditions, you may need to apply the product under the supervision of a medical professional. If GHK-Cu is used in injection, it must be done by someone who is skilled and professional. Although injections are not a common method of using this peptide, there are certain situations in which it is possible.

Potential Side Effects

So far, this peptide is safe with very little chance of side effects. If you use GHK-Cu as a topical treatment, then you are choosing the easiest and safest way with the best possibility of benefits.

However, you may experience skin irritations such as itching and redness. Allergic reactions are very rare, but not impossible. Therefore, you must be careful, but also test before continuing to use.

So far, there are no indications that GHK-Cu can have a counter-effect with other drugs. For every need to use it, it is mandatory to consult a dermatologist.


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When it comes to powerful ingredients in skin and hair care, peptides have a big impact. It is very important to find the right product that is well-formulated so that it does not irritate the skin or scalp. Of course, as we have repeated many times, consultation with a doctor is mandatory whenever you introduce something new in your care.

On the other hand, it is always good to explore different ingredients because we can find the holy grail of youth. In fact, each of us has different needs and skin problems, so it is important to recognize exactly what we need in time and find the right product for us. And it seems that GHK-Cu will still be the ingredient of the future that we will adore as much as we adore retinol and vitamin C in skincare.

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