ICRAN Participates at CBD COP9

ICRAN Participates at CBD COP9

In partnership with UNDP’s Equator Initiative, ICRAN hosted a workshop on ‘Community Responses to the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Tropical Marine Ecosystems’ at COP9 in Bonn, Germany.

Held in the Equator Initiative’s Community Dialogue Space, known as the Dorf, the session sought to provide local stakeholders with the opportunity to exchange their specialised knowledge and expertise on best practices and strategies to achieve the conservation and sustainable use of their marine and coastal environment, while tackling the global objectives of sustainable development and reduced poverty.

Presentations were made by former 2006 Equator Prize winners and community representatives from six nations.

  • Crab Bay Community Resource Management Initiative, Vanuatu
  • Presenter: James Graham, Chairman of the Local Committee of Crab Bay Community Conserved Area
  • Asociacion de Mujeres de Isabela Pescado Azul, Ecuador
  • Presenter: Emma Flor, founder and director of the Asociacion.
  • Andavadoaka Village in Madagascar.Presenter: Gildas Andraimala, Socio-Economic Coordinator for NGO Blue Ventures (speaking on behalf of the village of Andavadoaka)
  • CoopeTarcoles, Costa Rica.Presenter: Gilberto Naranjo, representative of CoopeTarcoles.
  • Arnavone Community Marine Conservation Area, Solomon Islands.Presenter: Nelson Bako, Chairman of the Arnavon Community Marine Area.
  • Sepik Wetlands Management Initiative, PNG
  • Presenter: Benny Gowep, Treasurer of SWMI (based in Ambunti)

As a result of the session, a Message from the Community Representatives to Attending Delegates was drafted, setting out ten key recommendations for consideration by delegates ahead of the formal session on ‘biodiversity of inland waters, marine and coastal areas; article 8(j) and related provisions’

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