Coral Reef Fund

Coral Reefs are vital ecosystems. They shelter a vast amount of marine biodiversity and sustain millions of people through the services they provide: fishing, tourism and protection from erosion and storm surges. Unfortunately reefs worldwide are under tremendous pressure and are struggling to survive. Climate change, destructive fishing practices, river run-off, marine pollution and poorly … Read more

ICRAN Participates at CBD COP9

In partnership with UNDP’s Equator Initiative, ICRAN hosted a workshop on ‘Community Responses to the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Tropical Marine Ecosystems’ at COP9 in Bonn, Germany. Held in the Equator Initiative’s Community Dialogue Space, known as the Dorf, the session sought to provide local stakeholders with the opportunity to exchange their specialised knowledge … Read more

The International Coral Reef Action Network

The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) is an innovative and dynamic network of many of the world’s leading coral reef science and conservation organisations. The network consolidates technical and scientific expertise in reef monitoring and management to create strategically linked actions across local, national and global scales. ICRAN is thus the first alliance to … Read more