Interview With A Top Hair Transplant Surgeon ─ Hair Without Borders

Interview With A Top Hair Transplant Surgeon ─ Hair Without Borders

With 80% of men and 50% of women experiencing hair loss at some stage of their lives, we will keep writing about the topic as one of the most depressing pandemics that just won’t stop. It is also one of the easiest problems to solve permanently when you set your eyes on a positive future; a world where your problem is fixed.

Population-based surveys show that the majority consider hair loss to impair their attractiveness and regard Hair Transplant as a valuable therapeutic option.

A hair transplant could be described as a powerful tool that bridges the gap between where hair loss sufferers are today and where they want to be. One of the highly regarded hair transplant surgeons who holds her patients’ hands as they cross this bridge is Dr. Seda Oleroglu from Heva Clinic.

She’s the right kind of medical professional who has helped thousands and that’s why we asked her for her opinion on the topic.

Self-sabotaging Skepticism


Dr. Oleroglu describes herself specifically as a hair transplant surgeon and is most certainly very good at what she does. Dr. Oleroglu comments that the biggest handicap blocking individuals who suffer from hair loss is their doubting selves. She speaks from experience that it takes patience to convince people of something that’s going to change their lives.

“It isn’t in my job description but I care a lot about addressing my patients’ fears. I deal patiently with their objections, questions, worries, and even doomsday scenarios. I present evidence about my professional accreditations, knowledge, and experience to get them to know the difference between an inexperienced GP and a top hair transplant expert surgeon.

If patients aren’t aware that I am a top hair transplant surgeon internationally, it is my duty to let them know, so that together we are able to overcome the negative thinking and solve their hair loss problem.

Understanding Patient Psychology Is Key


How exactly do I do that? Just like educators and school teachers must have pedagogical formation, as physicians, no matter our field, we need a good understanding of human psychology.

How many people and children who suffer from atopic eczema, for example, seek desperate help and all their dermatologist says is that there’s no known cure other than the steroid creams? That approach in my opinion is wrong because the dermatologist who says that is oblivious to their patients’ psychology.

What I do instead is that I talk my patients through my individualized plan and the realistic results that can be achieved. I get them out of the negative present where they’re stuck. It’s normal for patients to be nervous and the soothing can best be achieved by their surgeon” Dr. Oleroglu explains.

Procrastination Is A Cause of Baldness


It is so true what Dr. Seda Oleroglu is trying to emphasize above. On the other hand, some hair loss sufferers only make it to the research phase and hesitate to reach out for help.

Results of a multinational survey on the attitudes, behaviors, and expectations of men seeking medical treatment for male pattern hair loss show that many treatment-motivated men with male pattern hair loss were uncomfortable (21%) or only moderately comfortable (37%) consulting with a physician and delayed this consultation(2).

A hair transplant clinic with a dedicated team therefore plays a crucial role in assisting potential patients to understand that their lives will be easier, happier, and just more positive. This is often a state of mind that can’t be bought with money. Take the cosmetics and beauty industry for example. In 2024, it is projected to reach $670 billion according to the market research giant Euromonitor International.

This is the amount people pay to put a foundation on their face, to mask their impurities. A hair transplant on the contrary is a permanent solution and costs as much as a few bottles of a quality foundation.

There Is A Safe Haven


Turkish hair transplant clinics have created the perfect environment and brought together the most experienced surgeons like Dr. Oleroglu that speak to these aspirations and the desired outcome. Patients report forgetting about their hair transplant axiety once they walk into the relaxing waiting lounge of the Clinic.

Post-hair transplant, patients can expect to feel more confident, release balding-related stress that could get worse if not treated, and enjoy the convenience of having a full head of hair for the rest of their lives.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can book a free online consultation with Turkish clinics to uncover the ideal hair transplant method for their specific situation and request a quote.

When asked if there’s anything she would like to add to the topic, Dr.Oleroglu throws in her kind words once again: “We have a deep understanding of our patient’s journey and this is only one aspect that makes us unique. Our clinic is nicknamed Hair Without Borders as we get patients from literally all over the globe, and send them home as very happy people” she says.

Although a hard decision for some, just imagining the negative that would go away when you opt for a hair transplant makes it deserving of a chance. May Turkish clinics are known to provide patients from around the globe with a 10 out of 10 experience, while the professional staff at the Clinic handles every detail of your transformative Istanbul stay.

If you want a walk-through on how a hair transplant works, see examples of successful procedures from past patients, a clear explanation about the total cost and all that includes, and assurance that any issues that might come up will be addressed, then the free online consultation is for you.

The no-obligation free online consultation offered by clinics is for everyone who still has questions, or wants to have a feel if their expectations will be met.

They have a large network of luxury hotels and a VIP car fleet to make international patients feel welcome. Use your right to a free consultation with one of hair transplant professionals and friendly staff members to plan your happy future.

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