The Economics of OnlyFans ─ Why It Makes Dollars (But Maybe Not Sense)

The Economics of OnlyFans ─ Why It Makes Dollars (But Maybe Not Sense)

The interesting fact is that this platform has spread like the pandemic, during the pandemic a few years ago. And we all know what it’s all about, I know you do.

So, while the owners of this platform claimed that their intentions were to make a digital place where people can share recipes. Workouts, and other useful topics, the changing moment for it was when people saw the opportunity to share their intimate moments on this website.

The explicit visual content shared on OnlyFans quickly overthrew the leading adult websites. The reasons are quite simple, it is a whole new experience where the user can actually communicate with the creator.

And if you are wondering about the price to watch some of these creators, a lot of them are offering content for free as a way to attract more visitors. The strategy behind this is to offer a sort of “light” content and motivate the user to pay the subscription.

You can check some of the most popular free profiles at LaWeekly. And now we will share more about the financial details and how much money these creators are actually earning.

It is a Billion Dollar Industry


As I already mentioned in the beginning of this article, the popularity surged during the pandemic, which is quite simple to understand. People were locked at their homes, bored, and looking for new ways of getting “entertained”. While for others, it was a real opportunity to make some money by creating a profile, and start sharing their intimate photos and videos.

You probably head about some well-known faces making millions on OF. For example, Belle Delphine, previously a popular Twitch streamer, moved to this platform where she is sharing her unique streams and other types of content. According to certain reports, she made over $1.2 million only in 2024 by now.

However, she is among the top creators, while the average income made is under $200 per month. There are over 2.1 million creators, and 1% of the most popular names are getting third of all revenue.

When it comes to the top 10% of profiles from the US, all of them are making at least $60,000 annually, which is significantly higher than the median income in this country.

The next thing I want to compare is the male vs. female creators. It is not a surprise that the other group is more common, with around 70% share. The male profiles are earning around $3,000 per month on average.


The whole point is to be creative, and find a way to attract more followers. The registration on the platform is free. Therefore, users can follow numerous accounts, but the subscription is what secures the profit. According to the statistics, only 1% to 1.5% of followers will actually pay the subscription.

Therefore, it’s not easy at all. Let’s say that the profile has 10,000 followers, and that 1% of them are paid subscribers. In this case, that creator will earn $10,000 per year for a $10 monthly subscription (the platform is taking 20%).

So, creators can expect earning a lot only if they reach a number of over 100,000 followers. And it may sound as quite a lot, but there are thousands of creators who reached these numbers, or even higher.

Now, let’s see what 500,000 followers can get for a typical 10$ monthly fee. With the standard 1% of subscribers, the profit would be $50,000 per month, or half a million dollars per year after OF gets its cut.

But Why Is It So Popular?


I already said that the unique experience is among the main reasons. And yes, it really is different. A lot of people will quite easily spend $50 each month so they can check out on a few creators. You also get the ability to send them private messages. It’s a form of next-gen adult websites that is more natural, exciting, personalized, all that typical adult movies are not.

Both sides are “responsible” for such a high popularity. Many people are saying that’s immoral, too explicit, too available, and more. But people are paying for it. That is the reality.

Also, with the development of new technologies, it will probably remain popular, especially because of VR headsets and mobile devices that can create “studio” quality. Anyone can make a good video these days. And that’s also one of the reasons why so creators chose for this move in the first place. It’s easy money for them.

Is It Safe?


Well, I don’t want to talk about the morality behind the website. If you don’t like it just don’t visit it. But on the other hand, the fact is that widespread adult content can have certain side-effects. Most of them are same as typical porn movies, but the problem here is more about privacy.

For example, a person who decides to share its private videos on OF will hardy stay private. There are many users who are making screenshots or even record their screens while watching the creator, and then share that content on all those free adult platforms.

Another problem is the effect it’s having on society, especially on younger generations. For instance, the rise in teenagers who are thinking that becoming an OnlyFans creator, and consider it as a profitable career is a serious problem.

They just have to keep in mind that it just only sounds as “easy” or “quick” money, which in really isn’t so simple at all, and it has its own downsides as well. You can find many news about people working in public institutions facing challenges after people discovered their OF accounts.

It’s just not for everyone. You can’t expect to be a teacher, and have a “side-gig” by sharing explicit videos on this platform. People just won’t accept that.


The Bottom Line

As you can see, the platform indeed provides creators with a chance to earn a lot of money. But it is not as simple as many people claim. And you must be aware of consequences. However, those who don’t have a problem of being recognized by people around them should go for it.

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